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We opened our doors in March of 1993. The Shoppe began catering to children, women and men's alterations. We continuously strive to serve our local community providing affordable uniforms for private as well as public schools.


Our goal of making the "modern" uniform is coming to light. We offer many accessories and options in the school plaids and modern cut clothing for the new generation. It is truly possible to give uniforms your own unique style. The Shoppe also offers institutional embroidery, t-shirts for any group or organization, transfers as well as customized patches.


We have a wide range of accessories from casual to daring. We carry a limited supply we carry to ensure exclusively. There is no limit to this collection.


The Seamstress has been doing her job for decades. This is a rare skill that she has not only perfected but takes great pride in.  All items are surely welcome, whether they were purchased from The Shoppe or not. Your alterations will be treated as if they were ours, with great consideration of deadlines and a quality of the work that is unmistakable.

Our dedication to provide the ultimate customer care has no end. If you don't see what you are looking for PLEASE....... "Just ask!"

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